MICRONAUT is an editorial projet initiated in 2011
It was published annually, more and less.
And will live more in 2014-2015.

Micronaut n°1 featured my work, in a run of only 50
copies, and sold 5 swiss francs, printed in Vevey, Switzerland
and published in January 2012.  

Micronaut n° 2, "Modern Life is Rubbish" (collective)
Bruno Aeberli, Thomas Koenig , Christian Lange, 

Ernst Sylvester Lunz, Douglas Mandry, Etienne 
Messikomer, Nicolas Rossi, Fabrice Schneider, 
Charlotte Stuby , Baker Wardlaw , Myriam Ziehli
10 folded posters, N/B, Riso print, 150 copies (5CHF)
Published in september 2012

Micronaut n°3: Baker Wardlaw (solo work)
40 pages colors, Indigo print, 100 copies (CHF)
Published in February 2014